Hire Trotters Van

Our Reliant Regal Supervan has a totally authentic look, and will turn the heads of your guests and the public as you arrive in Trotter style.


Your wife-to-be will be arriving in her limousine, so why not arrive in a bit of style yourself? We chauffeur drive grooms and the best man to a lot of weddings and the effect is brilliant every time. As everyone is feeling nervous on the big day, break the ice and relax everyone by turning up in Trotter's van.

We will normally drive the groom and best man to the ceremony. This is where most of the photos are taken and the van will be a major attraction! After the ceremony, we can drive some of your guests to the reception where more photos and sometimes a few fun drives can be done.

Parties, Events & Exhibitions

Our van can be used as a static attraction for exhibitions and shop openings or for driving guests to parties and other events. We can drive you to an airport, take people to surprise parties or deliver you to a corporate event.

Every time Del Boy's van becomes the centre of attention making sure your party or event is remembered for many years to come.

Proms & Graduations

You're off to a classy event and everyone is doing the same thing and hiring a stretch limo. Why not steal the show and grab everyone's attention at a fraction of the price. We are certain you will be the one everyone talks about as you arrive Trotter style!


Don't be a plonker - arrive in Del Boy style!

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